“Breakthrough: Opening doors to success.”

Breakthrough is a program for anyone needing support in overcoming obstacles in their life.  The program uses key strategies in a combination of classroom learning, mentoring and a supportive community to create opportunity for change and growth. The classroom is a community where strategies are cultivated for problem solving and decision making. Participants are introduced into new communities, accessing community programs and given advocacy support. As well as the opportunity to volunteer.

Through the celebration of each other’s uniqueness, life learning, achievements and volunteering you will have a growing awareness of the value in which you contribute in the communities where you live.

What Participants have to say:

“I wanted help to find out what I wanted out of life, I was quite lost and now I have some choices in direction.”

 “My confidence has really increased, I have changed a lot.”

“Give it a chance and be prepared to struggle, but you will be rewarded at the end, you will learn so much about yourself.”

 “It felt like a nice gentle nudge all the way through.”

“Your life will change.”

Learn more:

For more information or to apply, please contact our Breakthrough Program Coordinator at or at 250 765-3450 to set up a registration appointment.