Program Requirements


The Breakthrough program works with a group of up to 12 people, accepted and completed on a continual basis. Throughout this time you will have opportunity to assess your strengths and areas in which you would like to grow. With the support of mentors you will work through the struggles that arise.

You will be given support as you complete various workshops, seminars and job placement while you work on areas that you would like to set personal goals for growth and success in. Seminars will help to enhance existing skills and develop new skills. Key learning opportunities in the program will be through mentoring support, experiential learning, reflective questions, new experiences and volunteerism.

Breakthrough is…

Breakthrough is a program to help people further their skills in areas that they would like to grow in; by accessing community supports which help to sustain employment as well as health; physically, emotionally, spiritually and relationally.

  • Increased ability to respond to stress and life stressors with helpful solutions
    • Establish healthy boundaries that will help them reach their goals
    • Ability to communicate in a way that others can hear them and reduce conflicts
    • Networking and skill building through work placement
    • Principles that will help create financial options
    • Capacity for healthier living, nutritious meals
    • Knowledge of themselves, intrinsic worth and value
    • Recognition for their achievements

I commit to:

  • believing for a better future
  • being present to the program and its participants
  • being open to new experiences
  • being an active participant in the program expectations, activities and events
  • being patient with myself and others; knowing that change takes practice.

To learn more about this program please contact us at or 250 860 2329.