Family Empowerment

Family Empowerment

A recovery oriented group for people impacted by a loved one’s mental illness and/or addiction.

  • Exists to encourage and support the recovery journeys of family members impacted by mental health and addiction problems.
  • Provides a safe and accepting environment made up of people facing similar challenges.
  • Brings us together to share our stories, skills, and insights.
  • Helps us gain perspective on our situations and learn useful information and tools to manage the day to day.

See Change

Every journey begins with preparation.  See Change is a 6 week group that helps participants explore the dynamics of change through education and peer support.

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Are You?

  • Struggling to cope with a family member or loved one’s addiction and/or mental health problem?
  • Losing sleep at night worrying about a family member or someone close to you?
  • Feeling paralyzed by confusing thoughts and emotions?
  • Exhausted and overwhelmed because of these challenges?
  • Struggling to make it through the day amid the chaos in the family?
  • Finding it difficult to support and care for your loved one in a helpful way?

To join a Family Empowerment session.   Please call at 250.860.2329 to register.  We meet at Kelowna Community church (1480 Sutherland Ave.) or at 3531 Old Okanagan Hwy Westbank.

The Family Empowerment Program is a recovery-oriented support and education group for people impacted by the addiction and/or mental health problems of a loved one.

We share experiences and insights. We learn and trade skills to cope. We support each other to thrive in the face of life’s challenges.

You don’t need to do it alone.  Please contact Pastor Kim  at 250.860.2329 for more information.    Click here for a brochure