Emergency Disaster Services


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Volunteer OPPORTUNITY:   Information Session for anyone interested in learning more about the EDS teams and how to become involved.  Our EDS Teams are made up of Volunteers of all skills and availability and not expected to be available for every emergency.  In preparation for the 2016 season we are looking to add 50 volunteers to our teams. Training is provided.   On February 23 we are offering an information session @ 6:30pm  


Kelowna Community Church   1480 Sutherland Avenue.

   To Register for this session email Sonia at soniaw@kelsa.ca   

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The unpredictability of disaster leaves us all vulnerable. There are many within our community who have experienced the sudden loss that accompanies disaster. At those times it is an army of volunteers that rises to come alongside the survivors and to help diminish the feelings of helplessness and hopelessness.

In Kelowna, we are privileged to work alongside emergency first responders and other agencies to provide relief and comfort. Whether it is the feeding of first responders on the scene or giving care and comfort in the reception centre, Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services Volunteers are prepared to help in whatever way possible.

Our highly-trained volunteers work in teams to provide a well-disciplined and well-rounded approach to helping with a disaster. Out of our Community Life Centre in Kelowna, these teams respond from their hearts and give hope even when it seems that all is lost.

Here are some examples of the emergency and disaster work of The Salvation Army:


  • In the past couple of years we have responded to over a dozen calls in Kelowna and West Kelowna to provide meals for first responders and gave care and comfort on site and in the reception centre in conjunction with ESS personnel. We have helped distribute donations for those who have lost their homes due to disaster, and provided a safe place to decompress in the immediate aftermath of the tragedy.
  • 2015 was a busy year from assisting with supporting the crews attending to the bomb threat at Orchard plaza to the Rock Creek Fire supporting first responders, receiving evacuees and even hosting the evacuated animals in the Kelowna Community Church facility.  Our teams attended to the town of Beaverdell who were cut off due to the fires and were left with no power, water or phone services.  Serving meals, facilitating basic needs, assisting in gaining required medications to helping communicate with family.


  • In 2013 we sent two Emergency Disaster Services teams and our Community Crisis Unit to aid and give assistance to the first responders and the residents after the devastating flooding in Calgary and High River Alberta.


  • As an international organization, the Salvation Army responds to emergencies around the world, we share locally in this mission here in the central Okanagan.   The Salvation Army was first to arrive and last to leave when tragedy struck the World Trade Center in New York; we have counseled and comforted grieving relatives of those lost in air disasters at Paris (France), Gander (Newfoundland), Locherbie (Scotland), and at Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia; we worked tirelessly during Manitoba’s devastating flood and Eastern Canada’s ice storm, and we assisted with emergency relief operations overseas in Rwanda, Albania, Kosovo, and Iraq.
  • The Salvation Army responded to the immediate needs of survivors following Katrina and other storms during the 2005 hurricane season. The Army continues to serve individuals and families affected by Katrina by coordinating long-term clean-up and restoration efforts, providing financial and social service support to hurricane survivors and offering spiritual and emotional care to those impacted by the disaster.

The Army’s unique, international, quasi-military structure enables it to move quickly into action. Like no other civilian body, it can mobilize officer-personnel, resources, volunteers and financial support from the public at large, and bring them to bear where the need is greatest. And what motivates its humanitarian services? Love for God, allied with a practical concern for the needs of humanity.



If you would like to know more about this program and how you can help, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Suzie Docherty at 250 860-2329 Ext. 333 or our Community Ministries Outreach Coordinator, Sonia Withers at 250 765-3450 Ext. 203.