Our Leadership

Lieutenants Darryl and Kim Burry were appointed by The Salvation Army in July 2014 to give leadership to the ministries of The Salvation Army in the Central Okanagan. They were married in 1997 and have four wonderful children who are constantly teaching them about life, and keeping them on their toes.

Lt. Darryl Burry – Lead Pastor / Executive Director

Lt. D. Burry (2)Darryl is an island boy – but the island on the other side of the country.  Darryl spent most of his childhood growing up in Eastern Canada (from Newfoundland to Ontario).  At 18, Darryl ventured off to Winnipeg, Manitoba where he met the love of his life, Kim, while studying at Booth University College.

Darryl has a Bachelor’s degree in Christian Ministries with a concentration in Christian Education. He enjoys helping others to understand and deepen their faith, and a desire to reach out into the community for Christ. Darryl also has a deep love for music and passion for authentic worship.

Darryl has spent many years ministering within the inner-cities of both Winnipeg and Toronto, and four years in the administration of Booth University College. He served as the Associate Pastor for Kelowna Community Church for five years before venturing to the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island in 2008 and until June 2014 served as the Lead Pastor (C.O.) and Executive Director of that Ministry.


Lt. Kim BurryKim Burry – Family Life Pastor

Kim grew up the daughter of Salvation Army Pastors and Missionaries who were serving in Kenya, Africa. After spending 9 years in Thika, Kenya at the School for the Blind, Kim and  her family moved to Jamaica for three years. After this time, the family moved back to Canada and settled in Vancouver.

Kim graduated from Booth College with a Bachelor of Social Work degree and has a deep love for people. Kim has worked in various settings including the Corrections and Justice department, a transition home for battered women, and group homes for those with developmental challenges. She has also spent many years in volunteer service within the church in both women’s and children’s ministries. From 2008 until June 2014, Kim served as the Family Life Pastor (C.O.) for Comox Valley Community Church and has given leadership to various programs for women, children and youth both within the church and for various community based ministries.