Listening Prayer


Listening Prayer
In our relationships, we are so distracted and busy that it’s often the exception rather than the rule that people listen to one another, much less listen to God. This course walks you through Listening Prayer. What is Jesus saying to you?

LOCATION: Community Life Centre –Kelowna Start Date: Tuesday Sept 13- Oct 18 Time: 6-7 pm

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Call: 250-765-3450

Life Skill courses this fall

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Budgeting & Shopping on a Budget
If you find yourself out of money before the end of the month, this program is for you! We will meet in a group setting to share practical money saving tips and budgeting strategies that might help you get further ahead with some planning peer support.

LOCATION: Community Life Centre –Kel Start Date: Thursday Sept 15- Oct 20 Time: 9 – 11 am





First Aid
First Aid skills are always helpful to have for life and work. This is a limited registration so don’t wait to sign up.  This is a full day course.
LOCATION: Community Life Centre WB Date: October 26 Time: 8 am– 10 pm

Note: First Aid is valid for 3 years and you will need to provide proof of the last completion in order to re-certify.








Support Programs this Fall

Boundaries Poster

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Do you have great difficulty in knowing what your responsibility is and what is not? In your desire to do the right thing, or to avoid conflict, do you take on problems that God never intended you to take on? Any confusion of responsibility and ownership in your life is a problem of boundaries.

Location: Community Life Centre – Westbank

Start Date: Wednesday Sept 21 – Nov 2 Time: 7 – 8:30pm This is a closed group with a maximum of 12, minimum of 6 people.


Family Empowerment


Family Empowerment

If you are walking with a loved one with mental illness and/or addiction you may be finding you need some support. This is a recovery oriented support group, a safe group with limited spaces to ensure a small group environment.

Location: Community Life Centre – Westbank

Start Dates: Tuesday Sept 13 – Oct 25 Time: 12 – 2 pm





Allies, Understanding the Family System

Looking for allies! This 10 week intensive group class teaches emotional awareness as seen through the eyes of your inner child. This course is beneficial in providing context for our past and will help define our future. All Are Welcome.

LOCATION: Community Life Centre – Kelowna

Start Date: Wed. Sept 14 – Nov 16 Time: 10am – 12pm


Breakthrough poster


A group for isolated women seeking change, that focuses on goal setting. Individual coaching is available from January onwards. Program requirements are:*Participants must take Understanding Family Systems1 & 3 more programs of your choice offered through the Salvation Army at any location. *attend all weekly group meetings. Participants will have the opportunity to attend Camp Sunrise for Women’s Camp.

LOCATION: Community Life Centre- Kelowna

Start Dates: Wed. Sept 7,- Nov 16 2016 – Jan 11- May 24, 2017 Time: 9 am

Registration: Acceptance into the program is based on intake interviewContact Jamie or Call: 250-765-3450

For Families this Fall


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Parents & Tot Connection

Being the parent of a baby or toddler can sometimes seem overwhelming, even isolating. You don’t have to be alone in this. Start your week off by gathering with other parents and tots. Enjoy friendships, share parenting ideas, let your kids play together. Connect.

Location: Kelowna Community Church

Start Date: Monday September 12 Drop In Time: 8:30 – 10:30 am


Parent Poster


Help! I’m A Parent

Do you ever wish your child had come with an instruction manual? You are not alone. An 8 week series where each week you will learn a new tool for your parenting toolbox. A safe environment to talk about your parenting challenges and try out your new tools.

Location: Community Life Centre – Kelowna Start

Date: Sept 13 – Nov 1 Time 9:30 – 11 am

Alpha Adult & Teen


ALPHA  for adults & teens

Do you have questions about Life? About Faith? About God?

Alpha is the place for you to explore all of those questions. It is a safe place to be real, ask the hard questions, dive into what you think, know, believe. Come for dinner, then watch a video that takes you around the world and talk, discuss and grapple with these deep questions.

We start with Dinner at 5:45 together. Then the adults go one way, the youth go another way and the deep dive begins.

Thursdays 5:45pm – 7:30 pm (Starts September 15)

Kelowna Community Church

For more information or to Sign up  contact Pastor Jinger  or Fill in this Form


Hiring Summer Students


Summer Student Banner

Hiring 4 Summer Student Positions

Giving Hope


If you would like to join in supporting The Salvation Army Support of the Alberta Fires please go to:  Support Alberta Fires

Kelsa GO for Kids

Kelso Go for Kids  Spring Session goes until the end of June. It’s different each week!

Registration Required  to sign up email: Pastor Ray


Giving Gardeners Club

Giving Gardners Banner

Join the Giving Gardner’s Club !

  1.  Commit to growing produce and donating some of it to The Salvation Army Food Bank       Acceptable produce would be:   Carrots, potatoes, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, peas, beans, radishes, peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale, beets,spinach.

2.    Join the Giving Growers Club via Facebook, share ideas, tips, resources, photos and more at:       Giving Growers Club 

3.    Bring your donations or have them picked up

Instructions for bringing in Donations:  

Monday-Wednesday 9am -4pm      Thursday 1-4pm      Friday 9am -3 pm                                                    Drop off at Community Life Centre,  200 Rutland Road South

Saturdays 9-4pm                                                                                                                                                                Drop off at  Rutland Thrift Store Donation drop off at back of store, 200 Rutland Road South

To arrange for a  Pick up Call: 250-765-3450

For More Information email  Sonia

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED:   To help us with this program we need:

  1.  Garden Coordinator:  someone who will help provide information to our gardeners, give instructions, encourage and perhaps give tips and ideas.
  2. Garden Pick Up Driver: someone who can pick up produce from gardeners to deliver to Food Bank
  3. Food Bank Helper:  someone who can come and help sort and prepare produce to be given out.

To Volunteer  contact:  Suzie   or call: 250-860-2329

EDS Training

EDS Training.001

Emergency Disaster Services Training

Anyone looking to volunteer on the EDS Teams are required to go through our certified training process.   The first level is an Introduction to EDS which is for everyone.  After this there are a variety of training requirements based on the area of the EDS Teams you would like to be involved.

Upcoming Training Opportunities:

March 19 or March 31:    Introduction to EDS  &  Disaster Food Services                                               Time:  8:30 am – 4: 30 pm    Location: Community Life Centre 200 Rutland Rd                                                                  Things to know:    Lunch is provided, please let us know if you have any dietary concerns.    Bring a pen and notebook.  Dress comfortably.  Be prepared to meet new people and have a fun time!


  • I have filled in and submitted my volunteer application
  • I have either attended an information session or had a phone introduction
  • I have submitted my EDS Training application
  • I have signed up for the session I would like to attend

Registration is Required please download application:

Registration for Intro to EDS and Disaster food services 2016

Email to Tamara

For more information please call Sonia 250-765-3450 Ext 203