How can we help you?

The Kelowna Salvation Army is a local church that looks for ways to show love, lead others to Christ, and serve the world.

Community Assistance

Our Community Life Centre is a safe haven – a place where you can find hope. When you call for appointment you will meet with a caseworker. Our caseworkers are great listeners – they know it takes time to work through each situation. Each situation is unique and we create an individual plan to meet your needs. We love to walk alongside your journey.


Our programs are designed to help people with life. We have classes such as budgeting and parenting programs. Practical hands-on skills that everyone needs. Plus weekly opportunities to meet others in our community. A variety of Bible Studies are also offered.


More Ways We Help


“By volunteering it has been an excellent opportunity to make new friends while giving back and helping others.”

Ron Cannan

Years ago The Salvation Army helped me. Now it is my turn to give back.


When I first move here I didn’t know anyone. Volunteering helped me find the best friends in the world.